Free Shipping Lampstars Vanity Lighting Regions:

Now we can free shipping Lampstars Makeup Lights to the regions as follow:
1. The USA, Canada, (mainland of the USA)
2. European ( France, Germany, England, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium,
Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Finland etc. )
3. Russia all-region.
4. Asian area, Japan, Korea, Singapore etc
Other regions, please contact us before to order.
Shipping Tips:
Because It is close to Chinese New Year, Our Factory Will Ready to Take a Holiday From 22th, And FedEx
& UPS Be Full Houses, And your package will have some days delay, please pay attention to wait, we will
send the Track Number asap we get.

Free Shipping Lampstars Makeup Mirror Lights You need to Know :
1. We will send you the FedEx/ UPS track number within 3-5days by email / Paypal Track Information.
2. At the first 10-15days the track number will no change, but no worry, the package is on your way!
( because First shipping by FedEx Airfreight to your country, so the track number will not change
till the package
reach the USA or Your Country and finish Clear Customs. )
3. Anyway, You can get the package around 12-20days, if over 25days, please contact us for more
details and we will contact FedEx or UPS to deal with or refund you!
4. Thanks For Patient Again!
5. If you have ordered Lampstars Mirror Lights and not get UPS.FEDEX track number, please contact us to
get your track number.
Can send email to


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