Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

1.) Do the bulbs really give off enough light to illuminate your face for makeup?

Answer: yes the lighting could be dimmable, so it puts off a beautiful light! I now enjoy doing my makeup. Happy with this mirror!

15.) Are the light bulbs bright? Dimmable? Color Change?

Answer: Yes bright! Also, there are two color options, warm or daylight and the lights are dimmable.

2.) Can the vanity mirror come with Bluetooth Speaker?

Yes, that would be cool if it did. You can check some items with Bluetooth Speaker

16.) What the dimensions of the mirror you are seeling now?

Answer: 12″ x 16″, 40″x 30″ , 31.5″ x 24″, 25″ x 19″, 37″ x 25″ etc, more details, please check our shop page.

3.) What powers the lights? Plug or battery?

Answer: Comes with a power cord.

17.) Where to buy replacement bulbs? And can you take out the bulbs to replace them?

Answer: Dear customer. Usually, the bulbs do not need to be replaced. You can email us your order ID and we can send you new bulbs if you need. But it is not very easy to replace them. The backboard has to be taken off to replace bulbs. Thanks!

4.) Can this mirror be mounted on a wall? (And the base took off?

Answer: Some can be wall-mounted. Just contact the Salesman of Lampstars, thank you!

18.) Does the mirror have an on/off switch? Or do you have to plug and unplug when you want the light on

Answer: Yes, our Reflection Pro along with all of our Hollywood Style Vanity Mirrors come with a on/off switch.

5.) Do bulbs get hot?

Answer: Mine never have. The LED Lamp of the mirror is wonderful!

19.) What are the existing bulb standard?

A: 3W, dia:55mm, low voltage, dimmable. We could offer bulbs in 3000K~6500K, the most popular color is cold white-6500K, warm white 3000K bulbs. If you want customized color temperature like 4500K, MOQ will be 1000pcs for led bulbs.

6.) Do the light bulbs burn out?

Answer: Hi there! I haven’t had that long. So far so good! The dim and brighten really well!

20.) Can LED bulbs be replaced if it does not work?

A: The bulbs we provided are low-voltage ones which are customized, but the bulbs in the local market are high-voltage ones. They can not be used in low-voltage Hollywood mirror. so you cannot by low-voltage LED bulbs from market.

7.) Just received mine, is there a trick to turning it on?? Plugged in, pushing buttons and nothing???

Answer: You tap the button in the front and it should turn on! All I did was plug mine in and gently tap the front where the power

21.) What is the difference between high-voltage led bulbs and low-voltage led bulbs ?

A: All of Hollywood mirror we made is in low voltage version. The advantage is very safe that customers could replace the bulbs even when the power is on. The defect of high-voltage is that the light will flicker when dimming to the lowest level.

8.) Are the bulbs replaceable?

Answer: Yes, some items you can replace the bulb as usual.

22.) What certifications did you pass?


9.) Does this take batteries or is it a plugin?

Answer: Hi dear, this mirror is powered by a 12V special USB charger that is included in the set. Thank you!

23.) What are the methods of dimming?

A: We have Metal rotated switch and touch sensor switch.

10.) Is it yellow light or LED white light?

Answer: Hi dear, this mirror has both white and yellow light. It can be adjusted according to your need. It is all LED. Welcome to purchase!

24.) What extra functional part can we add on the mirror?

A: You can add USB port, power socket, Bluetooth speaker, display screen etc.

11.) How much does it weigh? Also are there any reviews on this

Answer: The mirrors are lightweight, maybe 3 to 4 lbs. It is perfect for my daughter’s vanity, she uses daily and loves it. I plan on getting another one for my other daughter.

25.) What kind of packing do you have?

A: We use safe mail order packaging and can pass the drop test. We need to drop test each type of packaging before delivery to ensure the safety.

12.) I bought this for my girlfriend. She accidentally hit the glass with the plug and cracked the glass. Is there anything that we can do to fix this?

Answer: Hi dear, thank you for contacting us. Would you please send us a private amazon message with your order ID? We will talk to you there. Thank you!

26.) Do you supply wholesale vanity mirrors? Do you provide sample, and what is the sample policy?

A: Sure, you must evaluate our quality. You could make the sample order with us. Please let me know which models and sizes you’d like to make samples firstly. The lead time for samples is usually 2~3 weeks. Charge double price only for the sample order, will refund all samples cost once you placing the initial order when over MOQ 50pcs.

13.) Does it flip 180 degrees? I’d like to stick a magnifying mirror on the back.

Answer: Dear customer, yes it does flip 360 degrees. But there is the power input interface at the right bottom side of the back. How big is your magnifying mirror? If it is too big, it might cover that hole. If it is small, then it doesn’t matter. So choose the style you like to, Thanks!

27.) What if the glass part and other accessory broken ?

A: We will provide all the spares for you. and you can replace it by your own side. we have the 1-year guarantee for the products.

14.) Do you have the mirror with a 5x magnification?

Answer: We lauched some magnified mirrors, you can go to choose to our products page.

28.) Can we customize our own LED bulbs?

A: yes, we welcome OEM order, just let us know the LED bulbs specification like: size / voltage/ watt/color temperature. If qty cannot meet our own MOQ, we will outsource from the cooperated supplier for your order. No matter which size you chose, we would suggest you take the low – voltage version.

Warning :

110-240V high voltage led bulbs are not allowed to use in a low-voltage hollywood mirror.

12V low-voltage LED bulbs are not allowed to use in high – voltage products.

The own-voltage LED bulbs are customized by our own factory,

The ones you can buy from your local market should be the high voltage 110V-240V bulbs.