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Frameless Vanity Mirror with Lights 12 led lamps

  1. Size: 80x60cm, 3-Color Change, Dimmable
  2. 12-pcs Replaceable E27 LED Bulb Design 
  3. Memory Dimmer Function: Adjust the Brightness at Last Brightness
  4. Simulate Daylight Brightness: 9 pcs LED vanity light bulbs to produce 6000K white light, closely simulates natural daylight, providing a professional lighting for makeup 
  5. 3-Color Change:  3000K Warm white; 4500K Pure White, and 6000K Cool White Color
  6. Easy to Use: Touch Turn on / off, Dimmable and Color Change Function

Frameless Vanity Mirror with Lights 12 led lamps


  1. Size: 80x60cm, 3-Color Change, Dimmable
  2. Classic Hollywood Look – The Hollywood-style bulb layout provides a clean and bright reflection and allow you to get the most natural application of makeup, even at night.perfect for makeup application at any setting, home or professional. (High quality LED bulbs, the lifespan of nearly fifty thousand hours, durable.)
  3. Natural and Bright Lighting – 6 LED bulbs with warm light ( 3000-4000K color temperature) / daylight ( 5000-6000K color temperature) settings
  4. Sturdy Construction and High Quality LED Bulbs – Strong, solid feel with metal frame and base, built to withstand heavy use. Gorgeous and superior reflective mirror built to last with the top quality material. Non-replaced LED bulbs with 50,000 hours life span; no need to replace the bulbs.
  5. Smart Touch Control Design – Simply turn on/off the light and switch warm light and daylight by touching the sensors
  6. High-Resolution Imaging – High-quality mirror with high clarity – makes a delicate perfect makeup,5mm thick hardening treatment optic glass provides safety guaranty


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